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The Extensive Urban Survey (EUS) is part of a national programme to document the historical and archaeological background, and analyse the character of 30 of Lincolnshire's towns, taking a snap shot of how they look and behave in the 21st Century. 


The project is being run by Lincolnshire County Council and funded by Historic England; it is the latest to be conducted in a programme of surveys which have been running since 1992.

The project will to run until September 2021 and will produce 30 reports, one for each of the towns. In addition to this a GIS data set will be compiled documenting the development of the town through the creation of character types and areas. The project also aims to engage the public in activities around the theme of the project and increase awareness and appreciation of the historic environment. 


An enhanced programme of outreach is anticipated to take place in 10 of the project towns. The order in which these are expected to take place is yet to be decided.


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