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What : Heritage Open Day at The Collection.

Where : The Collection

When : 21st September 2019


Info : Open day event to show case many of the heritage organisations and activities around Lincoln.The EUS will be holding a stall and showcasing the research and surveys done so far, comparing the differences between the towns. This event is still in the making so stay tuned for more updates!

What : East Midlands Research Framework Conference

Where : Nottingham

When : 5th October 2019

Info : Presenting on the EUS, its programme, what it has achieved so far and the outreach that has taken place as part of it. If you would like to book, you can book through the EMRF website.

What : Walking tour of Holbeach

Where : Holbeach

When : 6th October 2019


Info : A walking tour, organised by the South Lincolnshire Walking Festival (SLWF) which will take insome of the highlights of Holbeach’s history

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